Our Sanctuary

DSC 1765We share our home with the Cutchogue Presbyterian Church and we share our Synagogue with the Reform Jewish Community on the North Fork of Long Island and beyond.  The building was first erected in May 1732.  It was later razed and a new building took its place in December 1852.  Although there have been a series of additions and modernizations we do occupy a very historical structure.  Through a unique arrangement with the Elders of the Church we have use of their sanctuary for our services as though the building were actually ours. This year we have celebrated our 25th year sharing the Sanctuary.

DSC 1761

Entering our NFRS Sanctuary we pass through doors where the sacred mezuzah is affixed. Inside the wall holds two Yahrzeit Memoral plaques and a unique artistic Chanukah menorah.

Look up the aisles and see the bima where our three Torah scrolls are held. The simple wood ark was hand fashioned by early member Don Taub. Later it was adorned by a quilted cover created by our talented members.


The first Torah was donated by Joan Furst and son Mark Lowenheim. Then our congregants Miriam and Michael Lastoria traveled to England and arranged for the “Permanent Loan” of a Holocaust Torah.  They paid for all fees to obtain the Torah and it was dedicated in the name of Florian Morris, the father of Miriam. Next came a Torah from a synagogue closing its doors. That Torah was repaired and deemed Kosher by a Sofer.  Linda and Steven Hill donated the repair and rededicated the Torah in memory of Helen Krasnow, Linda’s mother.

In a corner you see the piano accompanying our Cantor for holiday services and our Shabbat services.

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