Tu B’Shevat 2021 Preparation

Join us for a new Family Circle program
Celebrate Tu B’Shvat
This program is an opportunity for families to celebrate Tu B’Shvat through learning about local ecology, connecting to nature, and understanding the essence of this Jewish holiday on a community hike.
Guiding Questions:
1. Why do we celebrate the birthday of the trees?
2. Why are trees important? What do they provide to humans, animals, and the earth?
3. How are trees similar and different from each other?
4. What are some ways that we can care for our local trees?
1. Understand the benefits of trees in our local community
2. Understand why as Jews we should celebrate trees
3. Be able to identity three different types of trees
4. Connect with nature.
Tree Scavenger Hunt
  • Find three different trees and explain what their defining characteristics?
  • Ask what  does each tree give us? (Oak – wood; Maple – food; Pine – tea).  When we learn what each tree gives, we say, “thank you!”
  • Collect a small handful of pine needles and save to make tea.
  • Find a wild mushroom find a grapevine, find a squirrel nest .
  • Move like some animals that live in the woods (squirrel, fox, toad, etc.)
Jewish Teaching
▪ In Psalm 104 we are reminded that there are so many kinds of things in the natural world! Each one is unique and serves a special function in its environment.
Do you ever walk through nature so quickly that you barely notice how many diverse things, smells, colors, and sounds are around you? Today slow down and make and become aware and mindful to celebrate the amazingness of the world around us!
  • Find five different kinds of leaves.
  • Three sticks exactly the same size as your index finger.
  • Find something red.
  • Find two acorns that look exactly a like.
  • Take a photo to share.
Pine Needle Tea Recipe
How to Make Pine Needle Tea
Author: Joybilee Farm Prep Time: 5 minutes. Cook Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes
Yield: 1 cup 1x
Pine needle tea is a vitamin C and antioxidant rich tissane that is tonic and restorative in winter, with 4 times the vitamin C of fresh squeezed orange juice. It should be avoided, however by pregnant mothers and those who plan to become pregnant.
2 tablespoons fresh pine needles
1 cup boiled, hot water
Honey to taste
  • Remove the fresh, unblemished pine needles from the pine branches. Rinse the needles in cold water.
  • Using herb scissors or a sharp knife, cut the pine needles into smaller pieces. Discard the brown scale that joins the needles to the brand.
  • Place the pine needles in a tea strainer. Place the tea strainer in a mug. Pour boiled water into the mug, over the pine needles. Cover to inhibit the volatile oil from escaping in the steam. Steep for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the strainer from the mug. Add honey to sweeten the pine needle tea.
  • Drink while warm
For more information contact Rabbi Barbara at 631 921-3354 or bsheryll@optonline.net