Religious School

Religious School Program Information

The North Fork Reform Synagogue has dedicated itself to the education of all Jewish children, with special regards to individual needs and requirements. It is our commitment to all children to guarantee a curriculum that considers the student’s physical, psychological, and familial situations. We provide both beginning and advanced Hebrew instruction with our Rabbi on a biweekly basis. The Director of Education of our Hebrew School, Renee Navarrete is a person with more than 12 years’ experience in teaching and tutoring B’nai mitzvah candidates. She teaches and instructs our school children in on a weekly schedule. Topics include Torah, Jewish values, holidays, prayer, tzedakah, and crafts. In addition to their weekly classes, our students meet with our Rabbi for individual training on a biweekly basis. Children of all ages are encouraged to attend and participate in our regular Shabbat services.

The educational programs of the North Fork Reform Synagogue were created to provide children with beginning to advanced religious education. All of our dedicated and talented congregants unite to volunteer their expertise and knowledge to ensure that our children receive the benefits of a comprehensive Jewish education.