Poetry for Peace

For six years the children of the North Fork have been encouraged to reflect and create poems about peace. Early themes were “Peace Begins With You” and “Your Hopes.” This year the theme is “WHAT COLOR IS YOUR VOICE?” The 2013 Poetry For Peace Project is co-sponsored by North Fork Reform Synagogue and Congregation Tifereth Israel. Students, K-12, on the North Fork from Mattituck to Shelter Island are invited to submit original poems expressing their feelings. Outstanding poems from each grade will be selected by published poets, judges Miranda Beeson, Vivian Eyre and Billy Hands.

The chosen poets will be invited to read their poems on Sunday, November 17, 2013 at the Mattituck Library at 1:30. The community will be invited to this event along with the poets and their families. Poems must be submitted to teachers at the school no later than October 15th in order to be considered by the judges. Each poet will receive a prize to commemorate their recognition in this project.

We look forward to the creativity of the students of the North Fork and Shelter Island and to their solutions for ways to bring about peace near and far to home.

In the fall of 2008 North Fork Reform Synagogue and Congregation Tifereth Israel jointly sponsored the second poetry event for students at North Fork schools, Poetry for Inner Peace. Selected poems were read at the Mattituck-Laurel Library on November 16, 2008.

Hot Tub

Greta Peters, 3rd grade, Cutchogue East Elementary School


I sit in my hot tub 
I feel the steam coming to my face 
It feels good 
It feels like hot lava 
Oh No! 
It feels so hot 
I wish it was freezing cold

The Peaceful Field 

Dylan James, 4th grade, Our Lady of MercyOnce


I was in a field 
It was oh so very quiet 
I could hear the wild buffalo roaming in the distance 
I was lying on my back among 
The wild grass and flowers 
I heard birds 
I felt so still and peaceful 
Happiness filled the whole field 
So did fairness 
Love was in the air 
So was order 
With no disturbances 
I found my inner peace


Alex Waski, 5th grade, Our Lady of Mercy


Stay quiet Here that sound? 
It’s the great outdoors 

Fluttering Peace

By Dominique Kart, 4th grade, Our Lady of Mercy

Peace is like a butterfly 
Fluttering through the sky 
Flying up to heaven 
Though I do not know why. 
Peace is like a car 
Going through the air 
With no exhaust 
Oh, why can’t people share? 
Peace is like me 
Walking on the sidewalk 
Instead of getting angry 
I try to just talk. 
Peace is like the waves 
Crashing on the shore 
Then they leave quietly 
And go back to the ocean floor.

Peace with Myself 

Marina DeLuca, 5th grade, Oysterponds Free School

As I walk through a nature made tail I see the trees that seem 
to know everything. I hear a rustle in the leaves. I spin around 
and see Blacka hunting air. She stirs up the odor of moist 
leaves that are slowly turning into the soft soil under my feet. 
Then I hear Robby coming. I tried to hide to still have time to 
myself. But he found me. We walk into myplace in the trees. 
It has everything, the smells, the sights, Blacka sleeping in the 
center of them, and Robby. And I’ve then found inner peace.

Inner Peace 

Oliver D. Orr, 6th grade, Cutchogue East

What is inner peace? 
Is it simply lack of violence, 
Or is it something deeper? 
Is it a good book, 
A comfy couch, 
A tranquil Beatles song 
The smell of mom’s baking 
Wafting up from the kitchen? 
What is inner peace? 
Is it simply happiness, 
Or is it something deeper


Chris Dolce, 4th grade, Cutchogue East Elementary School



The cactus whistle to the 
wind as the wind whistles 
back. As the mountains set 
their mood, they change from brown 
to blue to yellow to red to 
orange. The mountain smiles at 
me, I smile back. The sun 
is a yellow-orange and quickly 
trips behind the horizon. The sky 
plays tag with the clouds, the clouds
run away. The mountains are 
playing tricks on me, hiding the sun. 
As it gets dark I go home. The lawn 
smells of manure from the old 
cattle that lived in the valley 
long ago. As the sand rages 
in the desert the next day 
I see the sun burn like a 
fireball entering the atmosphere. 
The sand hides between my toes 
as I step, the sand is hot 
and soft. Again, the sun trips 
behind the dim horizon but 
slower this time. I sit, then 
set my back on the irony 
sand. I stare into the sky, 
I see two kids playing tag 
up there. I doze off. I’m on 
a mountain. I feel dim and 
tired. I stand up. I see the 
sunset walking away. The other 
mountains are jolly because of 
the red-green color. There was 
also a summer breeze. This sigh 
is rare, beautiful and silent. But 
all of a sudden I hear a voice 
calling my name. I awaken. In 
my mind I wonder, “What’s making 
that noise?” As the second day 
does by I’m in Arizona. Can 
this get any better?

Inner Peace Endures

Colby Prokop, 6th grade, Cutchogue East Elementary School


Inner Peace is enduring as your life goes by,
as a new day comes and as the
seasons change around me.

Crisp morning air, 
Blowing through colors, 
Red, Yellow and orange. 
Walking slowly 
Hands tucked in posckets, 
As the dog runs beside you.

Snow will fall, 
Lakes are frozen, 
As hot chocolate warms the room, 
Fuzzy blankets, 
Curled up tight, 
Snow falls silently on the roof.

Birds are chirping! 
Everything is wet with dew, 
The flowers are growing, 
Everything is nice and new.

The beach grass dancing, 
The sunset fading away, 
The ocean waves, the seagull cries, 
Saying there will be another day. 
As the calm in your heart settles in, 
And the moon begins to rise, 
Your inner peace comes out, 
And the dark is hidden from my eyes.


Inner Peace Freestyle Haiku

Ben Bondarchuk, 5th grade, Oysterponds Free School


I love funny things
I really like lots of fun
And when I am calm. 
When I get some action.
I have a happy time and
When I have some love, too!
I feel calm and peaceful mostly
When someone’s listening
But I’ll draw in my notebook.



Caitlin Rivera, Cutchogue East


Peace is love
Peace is happiness.
Peace is caring,
Peace is being nice.
Peace is everywhere you look,
And peace is everywhere you don’t look
Peace is in front of you.
You might not see it,
But it’s there.
Peace is always everywhere no matter what
Peace is what we need.

My Peace Place

Miranda Sannino, 5th grade, Cutchogue East Elementary School


I have a place where there is peace,
not a closet or a bed.
I just have it in my head. 
Many places I will go,
But I still have my peace I know.
Winter, spring, symmer, fall,
Christmas, Easter, Jul 4th, Halloween,
or in between.
I still have my peace
I will always be kind,
as long as I have peace in my mind.
My peace place

My Inner Peace Song

Elizabeth Powe (Bokina), 6th Grade, Cutchogue East Elementary School


Rainbows & Doves
Chocolates & Flowers
All in your heart
The sweetness of inner peace
You are tranquil
You are motionless
You are a meek mouse
Then you listen
There is rain
And loud noise
War rains down
Your inner peace song is
But then delicately
You sing
You were heard all around
The world
War stops here!!
Rainbows appear
The doves are here
Your inner peace song lives on.