Hebrew Books

I Torah Study

Jewish Bible Alef to Tav by Penina V. Adelman, will be used to reinforce the Hebrew alphabet.

A Child’s Bible: Lessons from the Torah by Seymour Rossel, will be used to teach bible stories.

The Gamebook for A Child’s Bible: Lessons from the Torah by Seymour Rossel, will provide additional reinforcement.

Project: The students will begin the creation of their own personal illustrated Tenakh.

II Holidays

The Book of Jewish Holidays by Ruth Kozodoy, will provide the history and customs of our Jewish heritage.

Planned holiday celebrations:
Sukkah decoration and Pizza Party
Shabbat Family Dinner
Chanukah Party
Tu B’Shevat Seder
Purim Party and Hamantashen
Passover Hagadah
Havdalah Service with Rabbi

III Prayer/Hebrew

Jewish prayers will be presented in the form of song, as they are introduced in our bible study and holidays. Our synagogue songbook will be used for this purpose.

Shalom Alef Bet by Pearl Tarnor  Teaches the names and sounds of the Hebrew Letters and introduces the vowels. 

Readings from the Primer, The New Siddur Program for Hebrew and Heritage.

IV Jewish Values

Jewish Values Alef to Tav, artwork by Dan Krovatin, will present Midrash and values in a creative fashion. These leaflets will inspire discussion and serve as an introduction to bible stories.

Jewish Heroes Jewish Values by Barry L. Schwartz.  This book introduces the children to Jewish values through the lives of heroic men and women that were/are Jewish.  It provides them with Jewish role models and encourages them to begin their own simple mitzvah steps.

V  Arts and Crafts

Personal Tenakh with fabric cover
Illustrations combining drawing with collage
Written reflection as appropriate
Tzedakah boxes for Chanukah presents
Chanukah cards
Clay dreydls and menorahs
Shabbat and holiday placemats

VI Tzedakah

Jewish values and ethics will be applied and discussed through social action, projects and investigations.